The Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data is an independent project applying the methods of the data journalism to uncover conflicts of interests, corruption and abuse of power.

BIRD is publishing investigative stories and maintains public search engine with data on PEPs, companies, public procurements, European funds expenditures, as well as other public information.

The web site is managed by the French NGO named DRJI – Data for Reporters, Journalists and Investigations.

BIRD is financed by readers donations and projects.

The web site does not contain or process personal data within the meaning of the GDPR, other than those available in the official public registers.

Atanas Tchobanov – investigative reporter

Dimitar Stoyanov – investigative reporter

Krassimir Gadjokov – information technology

Nikolay Kubarelov – developer and data analyst

Awards by BIRD journalists Atanas Tchobanov and Dimitar Stoyanov as part of international  investigative teams:

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